Hello from Selman Photography


First of all, thank you for making it this far! After years of following my hobby as a photographer, I've finally reached a point where I feel comfortable enough to share my work with the world. This comes with the parallel realisation that I have learned a lot over those years, and have even more left to learn.

That's why I have decided to start this blog - partially, as a reminder for myself to demonstrate my own journey and progression, but also to (hopefully) provide others with clarity, support and confidence in theirs too.

I have spent countless hours researching, googling, revising, honing and crafting - all of which has left me making more mistakes than I count. So here they are! All my efforts, the good, bad and ugly, for anyone to read, maybe laugh at, and maybe learn from too.

I'll be covering different aspects of photography, from commercially-focused work like event and product photography, to personal projects like travel and portrait shots. I'll also be exploring the places I've been, the gear I've used, the editing techniques I've leveraged, and perhaps most importantly - lessons I have learned along the way.

So here goes. Want to know more about a specific element of a post? Think something is missing? Want to work with me? Let me know.


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